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in conversation, to say something, (usually unintentionally), which could be construed as arrogant or bragging. a listener would normally call out "weird brag" and raise their right arm, or just raise the arm without saying weird brag.
"i cooked dinner tonight without using a recipe"
-weird brag
"i went for a 4 mile run this morning"
-weird brag
"i got so many numbers last night"
-weirddd brag
by mmmmmmh June 25, 2010

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A term used to describe the occasion when someone says something casually in conversation that seemed a very arrogant thing to say, intentional or not.
Did you hear Jill talking the other night about how hard her life is because she can't even choose between the numerous gorgeous guys that are into her?
I know.. such a weird brag, dude.
by asdsakdlsadsad; June 15, 2010
A brag that is random, or just weird.
Boy one: My uncle has a huge beach house on the ocean.
Boy two: Weird brag.
by Olive Bush November 14, 2010