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Full Name: Weird Al Yankovich.

Funny guy who writes great lyrics usually as parodies of infectious hit songs. A common misconception is that Weird Al writes lyrics to make fun of other artists, but that simply is not true. He always gets permission from the artists before he publishes his parodies. The one time an artist complained about a parody that Weird Al wrote, it turned out to be communication error. Sometimes artists will even approach him to do parodies of their songs.

Some musicians have noted that in order for one to know if they have really "made it" in the music business is to have one of your songs parodied by Al!

Although his lyrics are funny, often VERY funny, Weird Al doesn't have the best voice, nor is he the best entertainer. In fact many find that his vocals and accordian accompaniments are very annoying.
I THOUGHT I was getting tired of Achy-Breaky Heart until Weird Al did a parody of it. Now I KNOW I'm sick of it, AND the parody.
by Alfie The Horndog August 10, 2005
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Short for "Weird Al Yankovic".

A living legend that has made his name in spotlights for creating clever parodies of other hit songs. He even starred in one movie called UHF, which was highly underappreciated then, but now it's a cult classic. Overall, Weird Al is better off in music than in movies, despite how funny UHF was.
"Hey I know this song it's......hey this isn't Weird Al!!"
-me hearing a song that sounds like one of Weird Al's spoofs, until it turns out not to be Weird Al
by Dave June 21, 2004
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Listen to Albuquerque by Weird Al, that's a 10 minute classic.
by Mister Ignorant June 30, 2004
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funniest guy you'll ever meet, you know he is just awsome
by meat stupid May 07, 2003
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Parody Singer


Gangsters Paradise into-
Amish Paradise

Stand in the place where i live int0-
Spam in the place where i live

Im Bad into-
Im Fat!

Amish paradise:

...I take a look at my wife and realize she's very plain, but that's just perfect for an amish like me, you know i shun fancy things like electricity, at 4:30 in the morning im milkin' cows....

by BObo D. HObo July 25, 2004
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he is so cool
by meat stupid June 05, 2003
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Weird Al Yankovic. The funniest guy in da world. RULES!!!!!!! No-one can match this guy.
Weird Al focking rules and is better than 50 cent and eminem and all that shit.
by Prince Lal May 09, 2005
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