Parody Singer


Gangsters Paradise into-
Amish Paradise

Stand in the place where i live int0-
Spam in the place where i live

Im Bad into-
Im Fat!

Amish paradise:

...I take a look at my wife and realize she's very plain, but that's just perfect for an amish like me, you know i shun fancy things like electricity, at 4:30 in the morning im milkin' cows....

by BObo D. HObo July 25, 2004
Weird Al Yankovic. The funniest guy in da world. RULES!!!!!!! No-one can match this guy.
Weird Al focking rules and is better than 50 cent and eminem and all that shit.
by Prince Lal May 09, 2005
The best artist ever. He makes his money by insulting sucky and stupid artists like the widely common Avril Lavigne
Weird Al is a fuckin' good artist!
by Joll December 11, 2004
The best singer in the world, who writes many parodies of songs and funny songs that aren't parodies. He is amazing and you know it! His songs include Another One Rides The Bus (parody of Another One Bites The Dust), eBay (parody of I Want It That Way), and Barney's On Fire (I don't think this is a parody, but I'm not sure). See awesome
Amazing!!!!!!!!!! This guy rocks, and everybody knows it!
by Some guywho is alive July 01, 2005
totally awsome
as you can see this is my third time writtng hehe
but cool poo
by meat stupid June 11, 2003
The Urban Dictionary of the Music realm
I love listening to weird al , bro.
by Dr. Robotnick! February 24, 2009
A Youtube comidian.
Here are some of his videos:

Drive Thru-
Ebay Song-

A funny Youtube guy :)
Erica: Hey did you watch Youtube?
Me: Yeah, duh.
Erica: Oh. Have you seen Weird Al?
Me: Only the Ebay song.
Erica: Oh, well here are some of his other great vids.
Me: K.
*Stuck in the Drive Thru
*I'm Fat
by AnaNotAnna. February 16, 2009

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