A singer all the retarded kids in special ed like. Really isn't funny and wries parodies because he's too fucking stupid to write his own music.

Just the fact that many people her consider him the greatest singer of all time is proof enough that his fans are stupid and have no idea what good music is. Once they here legends like Brad Nowells, Matt Bellamy, Stephen Christian, and Bruce Dickinson, they'll know how shitty Weird Al is.

In fact 99.99% of Weird Al fans don't have any ide who any of those singers are. the other .01% just died from AIDS related illness.
Retard 1: z000m6 guyzzz, les lisun to WEERd a1!!

Retard 2: ya4a4a4a! w00tz w00tz wo0tz!

Retard 3: wIv1n iN a Ameesh pawadyse!! 1333337, i wAN BE AMisH NAO!

(The Special Ed teacher can be seen in the background, dead from alcohol poisoning. Next to her are 50 bottles of strong liquor which she drank out of despair.)

Weird Al. Taking the lives of Special Ed teachers daily.
by fgsfdsMASTER May 30, 2009
Top Definition
Full Name: Weird Al Yankovich.

Funny guy who writes great lyrics usually as parodies of infectious hit songs. A common misconception is that Weird Al writes lyrics to make fun of other artists, but that simply is not true. He always gets permission from the artists before he publishes his parodies. The one time an artist complained about a parody that Weird Al wrote, it turned out to be communication error. Sometimes artists will even approach him to do parodies of their songs.

Some musicians have noted that in order for one to know if they have really "made it" in the music business is to have one of your songs parodied by Al!

Although his lyrics are funny, often VERY funny, Weird Al doesn't have the best voice, nor is he the best entertainer. In fact many find that his vocals and accordian accompaniments are very annoying.
I THOUGHT I was getting tired of Achy-Breaky Heart until Weird Al did a parody of it. Now I KNOW I'm sick of it, AND the parody.
by Alfie The Horndog August 10, 2005
True awesomeness.
Listen to Albuquerque by Weird Al, that's a 10 minute classic.
by Mister Ignorant June 30, 2004
Short for "Weird Al Yankovic".

A living legend that has made his name in spotlights for creating clever parodies of other hit songs. He even starred in one movie called UHF, which was highly underappreciated then, but now it's a cult classic. Overall, Weird Al is better off in music than in movies, despite how funny UHF was.
"Hey I know this song it's......hey this isn't Weird Al!!"
-me hearing a song that sounds like one of Weird Al's spoofs, until it turns out not to be Weird Al
by Dave June 21, 2004
Probably one of the greatest singers who ever lived, Weird Al makes a sucessful singing career off of parodying some of today's most popular singers.
I love Weird Al. I hope he continues making fun of singers for the rest of his life because he is awsome. I mean, who doesn't like Weird Al?
by weirdgirl June 29, 2003
funniest guy you'll ever meet, you know he is just awsome
funny dude
by meat stupid May 07, 2003
he is so cool
by meat stupid June 05, 2003
One of the cleverest musicans everywhere, because he makes a living by insulting other bands.
Weird al rules
by Nick February 21, 2004

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