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Loose elbow skin
by Rachael October 12, 2003
loose elbow skin, that you can pull
by Rachael October 12, 2003
The Elbow
My weinis hurts today.
by Niccole May 07, 2003
also known as a weiner. never spelt weenie or weeny. a loser or idiot etc etc.
marfie is the biggest weini. she cant spell, the weini.
by lyz&soph September 14, 2006
A combination between the words "weiner" and "penis".
He has a big weinis.

You're such a weinis.
by Dave March 04, 2003
1. noun. the male member
2. noun. a male idiot (especially when around women).
1. I totally forwarded his weinis pics to all my friends.
2. He was soo hot, but acting like a total weinis on our second date.
by H.Mess February 19, 2008
1.A juvenile name for a penis
2. The acronym for the account Chandler Bing was responsible for on FRIENDS.
Janis dumped Chandler because he spent too much time talking about his WENIS/ weinis.
by Kiss Me I'm Blue May 31, 2006

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