A term used by those assholes who are too lazy to type out "West Hartford." Weha sounds stupid. It's not ghetto or badass. Stop using it.
If I ever hear anyone use the term "Weha," I will punch them square in the forehead.
by bigross December 22, 2005
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Short term for West Hartford, Connecticut.
We chillin' in Weha tonight, you wanna come?
by Powerz. August 09, 2005
a place were the majority of people that are rich and for some reason they think there tuff and awsome. also u find the lax bro who says they have bin playing lax since they were 8 but realy they started last year to seem cool. its not a game its a life style stfu you are exulaly making an ass of your self.
weha kids conversation

kid 1. dude my moms being a bich she wont let me do anything
kid 2. right i asked for money and they said they just gave me some.
kid 1. i hate r parents.
by not a lax bro/ prep August 13, 2011

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