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A person who is way into weed; a studious, scholary devotee of marijuana.
Person 1: "Does Royce smoke weed?"
Person 2: "Are you kiddin' me? Royce is just about the most serious weedist I know!"
by Chet von Wilkinson April 25, 2009
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Someone who believes in weedism which involves smoking dro all day and having the munchies.
Because officer I'm a weedist, smoking a blunt everyday is in my religion.
by andrei92 December 15, 2010
A person who is prejudice or bigoted towards those who use or promote the use of marijuana.
Being racist towards weed users or saying bad things about weed.
Prohibitionists are weedist towards stoners.
If you don't like weed, you are a weedist.
by TheRealVerbz June 23, 2010

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