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A person who frequently smokes marijuana and associates themselves in dress or decoration with the Jamaican Rastafarian Movement. They are likely to listen to Bob Marley, Rebelution, Sublime, The Expendables, etc. This person is likely to have a poster of Bob Marley on their wall, sport the Rasta colors, or otherwise associate themselves (in dress or decoration) with elements of Jamaican Rasta culture. Although it may seem like it, this word does not come with a negative connotation-so long as the Weedafarian in question admits that he is indeed a Weedafarian (as opposed to a member of the true Rastafari school of thought). Jah! All is good! Such is the spirit of the Jamaican Rastafarian Movement.

Snoop Dogg attempted (and to some degree succeeded) to turn from a Weedafarian into a true Rastafarian by visiting Jamaica and meeting with prominent members of the Rastafarian Movement. He was reincarnated as "Snoop Lion" by a prominent Rastafarian. Snoop Lion said that Snoop Dogg is now dead-leading one to believe he is genuine in his dedication to the Rastafarian Movement. His album and accompanying documentary, "Reincarnated" catalogue his experience and "rebirth".
My friend is definitely a true Weedafarian-he smokes weed every day, has Bob Marley posters all over his wall and has the new Rebelution album on repeat!
by Jah! Rastafari September 26, 2013