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One of the best reggae bands on the planet.
Dude, that Rebelution show last night was sick!
by >jOC< February 11, 2009
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An awesome reggae band from Santa Barbara, California. Unique sound and great live shows!
Dude that Rebelution show last night was B.A!
by Gr808 January 14, 2010
"a teenage rebellion against low expectations"
"We combined rebellion and revolution to form an entirely new word for an entirely new concept: rebelling against rebellion. The rebelution"
by Alex & Brett Harris June 19, 2008
It's basically a revolt and a revolution combined. Twice the capitalist-pig-dog-bourgeoisie pwnage for half the price.
Those who make peaceful rebelution impossible make violent rebelution inevitable (John Fitzgerald Kennedy, President of the United States).
by Pontiuth Pilate March 29, 2006

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