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The person at a sesh designated to cleaning the stale smoke from the bong. Sometimes it is the last person who says the words "Weed Monkey" after the initial hit.
Me: *takes a hit* Weed Monkey!!!
Doyle: Weed Monkey!!!
Rick: Wee.... for fuck sakes. *cleans stale smoke and coughs*
#weedmonkey #weed #monkey #ganja #horse
by FirePitProtox December 21, 2010
Person who habitually smokes weed with you but never returns the favor and never pay you.
Weed Monkey: wanna go smoke a bowl, dude?
John: heyyyyy man, quit being such a freaking weed monkey!
#weed monkey #weed #bum #moocher #mooch
by Ryan Tucker January 16, 2007
this term is used in some parts of rural Appalachia to refer to a woman with whom a married man is having clandestine sexual liaisons.
I once asked my West Virginia native mother "Why 'weed monkey'?" To which my mother replied, "because they do it in the weeds and he cain't bring her in the house, out of respect for his wife."
Did you know he has a weed monkey that he sees every Wednsday night on his way home from work?
#other woman #affair #infidelity #mistress #womanizer
by D. Maxwell May 28, 2006
An old car or truck used to haul or supply moonshine
Corin: Did you see that weedmonkey compact

Penny: at least it's not a damn chevy. Own 1, it gives me the fluster fuck every day just to keep it on the road.

Corin: you need a weedmonkey to curb that headach

Penny: wtf for, I don't even drink-lol
#fuck #you #old #car #see #it's #netop #means #pc #break #down
by lallygagmewallflowers October 20, 2009
a person with bad credit.
a dirty person.
person in debt
This trailer trash weedmonkey is trying to buy a car and he has no credit.
by Chris Russell October 23, 2003
a gril freind you just hangout with have sex with in the bushes and party all the time.
just a freind not the one you will call your wife one day.
by W.RICKMAN December 17, 2003
A person who has no money.
Look at that weedmonkey, he probably can't buy a pack of gum
by Chris Russell October 25, 2003
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