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Derogatory slang for a fat or bottom heavy person, based on the toys of the same name from the 70's.
"Weebles wobble but they don't fall down"
Check out that weeble wobble
by alphachimp October 16, 2003
A girl with fat thighs and no definition to her ankles. She may have a skinny top, but her legs are always huge. She usually wears grandma clothes and never exercises. Her hair is fried and she has terrible roots. She is a closet lesbian with the mouth of a trucker. She cries in the gyno and holds her mommy's hand. Proud member of the Cow- O's. She is "insane in the membrane" and is likely to scream at anyone close to her at any given time. STAY AWAY.
"Woah, that Weeble Wobble is loco, glad I don't live with her!"
by carpetlint April 21, 2010
Disparaging term for a fat dumbass.
Yo, that weeble-wobble ate 14 crispy sandwhiches today.
by John Jones January 30, 2003
the act of trying to place the penis into the vagina but it wont go in so you have to "weeblewobble" or make like a see saw and go up and down until you find your way in.
Damnn that girl so tight I had to weeblewobble!
by playhousetwins November 02, 2010
A fat bottomed girl from Struthers Ohio who weebles and wobbles like a penguin when she walks. A creature commonly made fun of and laughed at.
Did you just see weeble wobble? "Yeah she just walked her fat ass into all them people"
by Phil Myers July 19, 2008
A person who can't stand still or walk in a straight line

Drunk or Sober
You going to make it to the bathroom weeble wobble?

by RayMarie1988 October 20, 2008
A pussy
That bitch is probably at home right now with a black dilly in her weeble wobble
by Nigga Lips Luis September 29, 2003
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