(1)a place where people put stuff on the internet so that others may view it
(2)one's own little corner of the internet
by JAP July 28, 2003
a place where useless information is compiled like this one, in hope that you will somehow get sucked into the oblivion (either by accident or searching yourself into it) that is the world wide web
my web site uses esp and mind control to make sad fuckers that stumble upon it enjoy gopher porn! www.dfd3843eeadlkd0934.ca.tv.org.net.com
by Jamie July 24, 2003

Information collected by a person and publicated on internet under the hypertext protocol, that can be viewed with a browser if redirected to the proper URL.

Have you checked the Stile Project web site? Man, it is pretty sick!
by Lord Cthulhu July 22, 2003
A place where your father/cousin/brother/uncle uses his credit card to access pornographic films and images.
"Where did you get that anal video?" "Off of a website"
by george July 21, 2003
n. location of recent arachnid activity
I didn't believe the tales of a giant spider until I found the web site.
by igor July 20, 2003
place where a spider places it's cobb webs
The spider chose a shitty website.
by Insider July 17, 2003
A presence represented by at least one page of data on the internet typically starting with www.
by Patmanutah July 15, 2003
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