A collection of interlinked web pages that makes its owner money by spawning pop-up ads out the shitter.
My dog has a web site. My dick has a web site. My dog's dick has a web site.
by Evil Zak July 25, 2003
a page viewed on the internet
urbandictionary.com is a kick-ass web site
by Ed July 23, 2003
A place on the internet where: 1. Someone goes to rant their feelings. 2. Someone tries to sell something. 3. Someone tries to get peoples' e-mail addresses. 4. Someone distributes images of a pornographic nature. 5. People have convened to create a clique/fansite dedicated to some celebrity/band/whatever. 6. People go to for information i.e. looking up definitions of words. 7. Some geek posts hints/strategies to find secret levels in some nerdy games. 8. Someone can just play around with HTML and Java/other coding stuff. 9. Whatever; Insert comment here___.
There are web sites by pre-teens with "cartoon dollz" and the like. And then there are web sites, called "blogs" (web - logs), where people rant out things. (i.e. www.star-lit-eyes.com) There are also VERY bright colored sites, with many pixelated images (i.e. www.super-duper.net or maybe www.celestial-sodapop.net) Then there are also web sites in progress that suck. (i.e. www.cosmiccandy.i8.com) Also, there are websites that are graphic warehouses/distrubutors(i.e. www.peachie.nu) And there are also tutorial sites, as well as butt-ugly sites with the MOST horrendous colors and such. There's much more....but I'm getting hungry...
by xX_eternal_dream_Xx July 15, 2003
Places that overweight 40 year old virgins and pimply teens spend all day visiting
A fat boy whacked off over the porn website
by Anonymous July 17, 2003
A collection of web pages, usually containing content of sorm form.
by Admiral Justin July 14, 2003
You're on one.
by Anonymous July 13, 2003
A semi-portable reference center. In the 60's, hippies and military men made the computer. Later, the internet was invented. Divisions of the internet are called a web site. On web sites, people can find information on anything, such as dictionaries or pornography.
The Urban Dictionary is a web site
by Slof July 13, 2003
a group of computer files broadcast to other users by means of an internet IP address.
She brought up our website on her laptop.
by _Nick November 02, 2008

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