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having just ejaculated into your hand...webbing is the act of firing the hot spunk in the direction of others in a spiderman hand thrust.

most commonly used during intercourse. the "webber" may withdraw, spunk on the hand and go "webbing" in the face of the unsuspecting slag.

alternatively, spunk in the hand and then wonder out into the street and go "webbing" on a total random!

magic stuff
I went Webbing in the high street this afternoon...i hit schoolgirl right in the eye.
by trever benjamin March 22, 2007
the act of putting one's scrotum around another's scrotum. also, to wrap one's scrotum around another's body part(for example one's head) would be to make a head web
hey bro, im tired of docking, let's try some webbing instead
by dock master cram February 18, 2009