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Weaver academy is young magnet school that operates as both a performing/visual arts school and a technical careers school.

There's a strong sense of school spirit for both PVA (performing and visual arts) kids and the CTE (career and technical) kids.

The school colors are maroon and silver. The school animal is a Beaver, Otter, Octopi, or an Eagle depending on the day and the person your talking to. It doesn't really matter though because there are no sports , except for Ultimate Frisbee and sometimes basketball.

Weaver has some of the best art programs in the area with several honors and awards as well as state and national competition accomplishments. Weaver does a yearly volunteer program for special needs students.

Oh, and of course Weaver academy drama's best freind are Pinecrest Drama kids. Weaver Art kids are best friend with Elsewhere. And All of weaver is best friend with everyone.
Traditional Weaver Academy for the performing and visual arts jokes:

Weaver Drama kids do it better on stage.

Weaver voice kids do it better with a microphone.

Dancers do it better in leotards.

Art kids do it better in the gallery.

Piano kids do it better with pianos.

Strings kids do it better with strings.

Music production does it better with headphones.
by Huludanshad November 22, 2009
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