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The perfect substitute for any noun, adjective, and/or verb.
Sean - Hey Shane, did you weaner the weaner for weaner?
Shane - Of course I weanered that weaner it was so weaner.
Sean - Oh nice! Can I have the weaners for the weaner?
Shane - No, that's weanering Sean!
Sean - Sorry, sometimes I'm a weaner.
by Yaknowweanermann November 09, 2009
a caucasian male or female that emulates all aspects of being an urban Mexican, exclusively hangs out with Mexicans, acts Mexican, and even speaks with a typical urban Mexican accent while not being able to speak a word of Spanish

white + beaner = weaner

see beaner
Girl 1: Are you finding it hard to understand Suzie lately?

Girl 2: Yeah. Ever since she started hanging out with that guy Beto she's turned into a real weaner.
by eradic1 January 01, 2010
When a caucasian or white person wishes he was, dresses, speaks, and acts like a ghetto Mexican, or "Beaner", hence the term "Weaner". Replacing the "B" in "Beaner" with a "W" for "White".
"There's a couple arguing outside" says Jesse
"What do they look like?" says Leilani
"Weaners." states Jesse

by leileileilei December 24, 2011
A wanna be beaner.
A white person who acts like a mexicanbeaner.
"Kevin! Put down that Burrito and take a shower!!! Ya damn weaner!"
by MEXICAN girl September 13, 2008
a half white and half mexican boy named jude
a mexican is a beaner, so if hes half white, hes a WEANER!
my friend likes this weaner.
by lolshaha June 14, 2008
A white, usualy male, person who tries to act Mexicanin every aspect. See Beaner.
All he does is hang out with spicks he is such a beaner.
by Gringo December 07, 2004
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