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A term used by contractors, fabricators or other people in any service industry which translates into: "We CAN'T do it -or- It won't be what we promised -or- We'll never get it done on time (if at all) -or- Once your deposit check clears, you won't see us again until you take us to small claims court".
This term is usually said quickly and excitedly 'WeCanDoIt!!!' ; and used throughout the United States, but is very prevalent in the Southern California region.
Customer: "I need this cabinet completed in two week's time."
SoCal Fabrication Company: "We Can Do It!!"

... 3 weeks later...

Customer: "How come you haven't returned my calls? Is my cabinet done yet?"
SoCal Fabrication Company: "Whoze this now?"
Customer: "John Smith, the guy whose check you cashed 10 minutes after we met 3 weeks ago. Is my cabinet done?"
SoCal Fabrication Company: "Oh ya, ya, ya... we're doing that next"
Customer: "urgggg"
SoCal Fabrication Company: “Dude chill! We Can Do It!”
by Andiego May 03, 2013
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