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White boys are evolving, commonly known as WBAE, is a phrase used to refer to a caucasian teenage male who uses clever pick-up lines, defying the common white boy stereotypes.
White girl (1): Last night, Ryan asked if my dad was a baker because I had a nice "set of buns".
White girl (2): How cute. #wbae
by sorrydad January 01, 2015
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Two meanings,

1. With Big Anime Eyes: A statement that you have big sparkly eyes in anticipation of a coming event.

Although this can also be used for almost anything else that large anime eyes can be used for.

2. WBAE 1490AM: A radio station that I know very little about. You're better off google'ing that one.
Yay! *WBAE* said Kieth when he saw his paycheck.

I listen to WBAE 1490 AM !
by 3217 October 29, 2010

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