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What happens when your PC is becoming slow and when you move the window it leaves a trail of clones. You eventually start waving it around making a snake like trail across the screen.
Damn my screen Is being spammed by Windows Snakes!

Well maybe you should use the tabs on internet explorer instead of opening a new window every time...
by 3217 June 18, 2010
A person that deliberately looks for conversations to kill.
Kieth: ...and so that's why I always...
*Conversation Hunter enters room.*
Hunter: Penis.
Kieth: ... WTF?
Hunter: My work here is done! *Dissapears*
by 3217 October 22, 2010
A noob glitch in mgo (metal gear online) where if you kill someone, then spray the head of your victim with bullets untill it fades, resulting in the respawned guy dying. This is because of the desyncronisation between death and respawn, making two of yourself.

Total noobs use it when they achieve a kill and know they won't be lucky enought to earn another.

Probably discovered by some guy playing mgo who killed a very annoying camper, so out of spite sprayed the body with bullets, only to find that the camper died again. Of course this honest man didn't tell anyone so no one would know, but his gamer girlfriend next to him couldn't keep her yap shut. Hence DL was born.
Me: WTF I just died after respawn.

Death loop Noob: ROFLMAO! 1 h45 h4xord joo w17 mi sk1115 !!!11121@!

Me: You used DL didn't you?

DL Noob: ... stfu wtf noob!?!!!11

Everyone: DIE NOOB!
by 3217 May 11, 2010
Two meanings,

1. With Big Anime Eyes: A statement that you have big sparkly eyes in anticipation of a coming event.

Although this can also be used for almost anything else that large anime eyes can be used for.

2. WBAE 1490AM: A radio station that I know very little about. You're better off google'ing that one.
Yay! *WBAE* said Kieth when he saw his paycheck.

I listen to WBAE 1490 AM !
by 3217 October 29, 2010

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