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When girl flexes her pelvis and accidentally discharges her vaginal fluid on your face whilst being Drop Smeared
"Dude what happened to your face?!"

"I almost drowned earlier, this girl water boarded me."
by Marshmello73 December 09, 2011
When you're on the bottom in a 69 position with your woman and she pees on you.......filling up you entire nasal sinuses.
Dude, my girl came so hard last night that she waterboarded me. I felt like Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.
by Lordosis July 24, 2012
When you are eating out a woman and she squirts in your mouth or on your face.
I was eating out this girl last night and she water boarded me! That is my type of interrogation.
by Dgr8cristobal April 22, 2011
Taking a woman from behind in the shower while her head is under the flow of water, when you are close to ejaculation, pull her hair back swiftly so her head tilts back and her mouth opens. This will give her the impression of drowing, which will cause convulsions. Which will cause her vaginal, or anal, muscles to contract giving you more please and a sustained orgasm.
She was in the shower, so I nipped in, slipped in for an easy pink and on me vinegar stroke I waterboarded that bitch!
by waterboarder February 05, 2009
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