Being so low on the class food train that you are considered water trash, worst than scrub or scrap.
Person 1: Have you seen Joe, he is such water trash.

Person 2: Yeah, I've never seen someone lower on the class scale.
by WaterTrash January 06, 2013
Top Definition
Water Trash is a person who smells like trash that has been floating in water for atleast six months or longer. These people have no form of personal hygeine.
You should go take a bath and put on some deo because you smell like water trash.
by JOHNNI LEE February 10, 2012
a type of alcoholic redneck that lives on the water. usually drinks Coors lite and smokes cheap cigarettes. watertrash people listen to a lot of Jimmy Buffett and Kenny Chesney. somewhat like white trash.
Wow, that guy we met at the boat dock was Watertrash as hell.
by waylon55 December 02, 2013
A redneck who lives on a lake, drinks Busch light all day long, and smokes cheap cigarettes. He usually has a shitty pontoon boat that is always stacked with a cooler full of beer and fishing rods. Water trashs' typical music of choice is Jimmy Buffett, Charlie Daniels, or any shitty country music. During the months of June and July water trash will usually party with multiple red neck women in some popular lake cove. After multiple Busch lights these water trash women will usually show their Fun Bags.
Man I love these watertrash ho bags.
by Sandman11 June 03, 2016
Very unpleasant and disgusting. Usually used to describe how someone smells, however can be used as a noun as well.
My brother Randy smells like watertrash, the bitches can't stand being around him.
by YouHaveToCallMeDragon January 10, 2012
Someone who has been heart broken or rejected by asians. Most of the time, they are used as a ploy to upset their parents and are generally not accepted into the asian community.
"I was just trying to piss my parents off by marrying watertrash" - Hannah, Workaholics
by Watertrash November 08, 2012
People who smoke so much weed or that they and everything they own, being to smell of bong water.
"That hippy chick was hot, totally what trash though"

"James was total water trash by the time he came back from New Zealand."
by anders123 October 22, 2012
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