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A water mammal residing from the peat bogs of North Dartmoor, Devon. This animal is a cross between a land badger and a beaver. It is usually of dark brown in colour with white striped markings on its back and has webbed feet for swimming. Water Badgers usually feed on newts and plankton in the water, but also enjoy the sweet flowers of Wild Heather. Common locations include Raybarrow Pool and Whitemoor Marsh. These animals are incredibly shy and are thought to be the only type of badger living in water. For more information contact the Water Badger Preservation Society:
There's a Water Badger wiming in that Marsh.
What a girt big Water Badger!
Save the Water Badgers!
by Amir T June 15, 2007
To save someone while sledding before getting wet.
Dude! Someone has to Water Badger this run before we go down...
by Kriego February 08, 2011
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