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Ass. Many Watanabe's assume themselves above others. Many are cheap and uptight and spend their lives thinking "I don't want to be THAT person," when in reality, they are.
Zach Watanabe- "Caleb Watanabe is so cheap. I hate him. I hate him. I gave him twenty dollars to go to the gas station to get me a candy bar and he said 'no' and just kept the money."

Slayton- "It costs five dollars to get into all-region, Zach."
Zach- "WHAT!?!!?! bitch, that's crazy."
by Lollerskatez. January 05, 2008
Last name of some pretty chill Japanese people. They tend to be funny, and know a lot of people. Thy are caring, and put other people in front of them before themselves. They also become accomplished actors, like Ken Watanabe. When you meet a Watanabe, it's a hit or miss situation. They can either be a blessing or a curse, with good luck or bad luck.
Jennifer: "Hey would you date Chris Watanabe?"
Kristen: "Um, duh. He's hellla cute."
by EastCoastPlayah October 10, 2011