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An alcohoic beverage made with equal parts Whiskey, Sour Apple Puckers, and Cranberry juice. Can be made as a martini, shot, or mixed drink. Taste strongly resembles apple juice.
We went to the bar last night and drank Washington Apples.
by A. Sugimoto August 23, 2006
A sexual act in which the male tucks his erection between his legs, bends over and is sucked off from behind. For added effect the female can slap his ass cheeks making them red, and his dong appears as the stem. Not to be confused with the alcoholic drink. Though the former may lead to the latter.
Guy 1: One of them said they was gonna suck my dick from the back. I'm tryin' to see what that be like!

Guy 2: It would look like she's eating a big red Washington apple.
by luc richard mbah amoute April 24, 2009
A reference to the testicles of Washington boys.
Girl: I wouldn't mind sucking on his Washington Apples.
by LawSchoolNerd October 30, 2008
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