A slightly odd, predominantly black city which happens to be the capital of the US. Always getting blamed for bad Congressional decisions yet has no Representative. Overrun by stupid tourists who treat it like Mecca but are dying inside, home to lame landmarks and hot as hell during summertime. Not quite worth the trip but home to those who live there.
"Excuse me, but can you direct me to the National Zoo?"
-Most Common Sentence In The Washington DC Area
by AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA November 28, 2013
Just like another city, but with more history and a little less crime.
Parent: It's Saturday! Time to take the kids down to Washington D.C to see the Cherry Blossom Festival!
by Twelletuibs May 28, 2012
It's a city full of hubris. Stinky, vile, disgusting hubris. Even the low-level government workers, actors, camera crews, reporters and teachers are full of themselves. Worst place in the world to live.
Everyone in Washington DC thinks they are better than the rest of the world.
by HollywoodHellboy June 17, 2011
1. The place where Obama lives
2. Where the worst traffic in the world is.
3. Not the best place to live, so dont even bother.
Person 1: Lets go to Washington DC!
Person 2: Hell no.
by hatingthisplace December 18, 2010
DC is divided up into four quadrants. NorthWest DC, SouthEast,SouthWest,and NorthEast. Northwest is very rich for the most part, with the majority of homes selling for over a million dollars, more private schools than you could count and a very preppy population. Not much crime here. Dc is amazing except for all the goddamn tourists who try to ruin everything by being fat and obnoxious.
Wow, I just went to the Maret bball game and they dominated. Maret is amazing. Tourists suck.
by whatwhatnowwubbie June 29, 2005
Where the "minorities" are the majority and get everything handed to them but still act discriminated against. Don't be white in DC.
black dude: I'm soo discriminated against, i live in Washington DC
white dude: are u serious? i get all kinds of shit from your people, and my family was too dirt poor to own slaves.
black dude: too bad
by repressed December 27, 2010
Part of the District of Columbia. The most lawyers of any city in the world resulting in nonstop Red Tape, pork and corruption. The political capital of the U.S. and also the free world situated on the Potomac River between Virginia and Maryland. Named after George Washington, it was founded in 1800 by Pierre L'Enfante. Washington, DC has probably more elitists, coporate fatcats, lobbyists, buerocrats and lawyers than any city in the world. The city and its afairs, including its Mayor is controlled by the U.S. Congress. The Washington Metro Area is among the most expensive places to live in the country. A mere 1,100 square-foot shack will set you back some $500,000 and rental rates are also ridiculous. It isn't muich better in the burbs of Northern Virginia and Maryland. Despite the outragious cost of living, the Washington Metro area has a huge and diverse economy, making it nearly recession proof. Besides Government there are also numerous jobs in healthcare, communications, education, manufacturing, finance, marketing trade and transportation.

Despite its robust economy, Washington DC almost leads the nation in violent crime and poverty, and much of the District itself and some of Price Georges County, Maryland is a war zone. It has a huge black population that generally lives in slums and below the poverty line. 80% of the District's blacks live below the poverty line. Just about the only area of the District that is a good place to live is the Goergetown area of NW Washington. It has numerous college students, graduates, urban professionals, bars and a lively nightlife.

The Washington Metro area is incrediblly diverse, wealthy, expensive to live and a nonstop pace of life but can vary depending on location. Washington has a huge problem with urban sprawl and hellish traffic. Traffic is worse only in the L.A. area. Urban sprawl has continued unabated and now encroaches almost into Leesburg, VA, to the south in Farquire County and into the Baltimore suburbs and Rockville/Gaithersburg, Maryland. All this sprawl is causing agonizing traffic. Just try driving on the 495 beltway during rushhour. If a car stalls or there is a crash, you will be sitting for hours. City streets are also overcrowded, and you have to park like a mile from your home if you can find a place. Using the Metro Rail is nice, but the system is overused, undermaintained and underfunded.

And the people suck. They are usually haughty, snobby and arrogant just because they are on the East Coast. And they love to poke fun of everyone else, even Californians. They believe the whole country revolves around them and their East Coast counterparts. No one will ever bother to acknowledge you or say hello. They are definately not a friendly bunch.

Everything sucks about the Washington area in my opinion.
I lived near Washington DC three years ago for only 8 months, and I ended up hating everything about it.
by krock1dk February 29, 2008
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