Verb: The act of ejaculating onto a female's face and then slapping a one dollar bill onto the semen.

"Hey Nate Dogg, i heard you washingtoned that skeez last night."
by DTB Entertainment October 06, 2007
Washington - the so called "hip" way of asking someone to Direct Connect (DC) with you on AIM.

Word is derived from the city name Washington, D.C..
Sean: I gotta show you this hott pic of my new girlfriend.
Ian: Washington brah.
by Sean M.. July 22, 2006
The city in the District of Columbia. People from the DC area never say "Washington," we call it the District or DC. Or if we're talking about specific communities: Dupont Circle, Georgetown, K Street, Q Street, we use those words.

Me: "Are you from this area?"
Stranger: "Yeah, right down in Washington"
Me: Tourist.
by sangsue September 27, 2005
an arab. Derived from Washington D.C. The DC stands for dune coon.
John: "hey lets go to the mosque to pray today"

Jason: "fuck that, and fuck you. I will not be in the presence of those washingtons"
by TaySean D. November 21, 2007
a real shithole in the middle of everywhere. newcastle postcode and city of sunderland council. it really shouldn't exsist. filled with chavs and a mix of geordies and mackems. also the hometown of linda mcartney so shows ya what kind of wiredo's we get here
Man: Where you from?
Woman: Washington
Man: *runs*
by miss.gilly July 17, 2008
a slang word for 'Diet Coke', which comes from the capital of America, Washington DC, in which the 'DC' would stand for 'Diet Coke'.
"i just picked up a washington and a packet of chewing gum from the store"

or in reference to drinks containing it:

"if you're getting another round, i'll have a jack (and) washington please"
by Al. September 21, 2005
The home to the biggest pussies on the planet, and the worst football team in the NFL. It rains 365 days a year, and is really just the southernmost province of Canada. Basically, these bitches are D.C. wannabes.
Person 1: I'm from Washington.
Person 2: O, how is D.C.
Person 1: No, I'm from the OTHER Washington.
Person 2: O, then your a cocksucker.
Person 1: Yeah. That's true.
by ACPD March 10, 2006

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