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When a group of people talking group up into a circular form. The way washing machine functions is that a person is pushed in the middle of the circle and he is 'ganged up on' being continuously pushed around the circle.
If someone you dislike is in front of you in a circular conversation, push him in the circle, so everyone will gang up on him and push him. Use the word 'Washing machine' to alert everyone to gang up
by Unannoymous September 20, 2006
12 13
A very dangerous thing for a girl to sit on while shes holding a broom or something of that nature
when the girl was sitting on the washing machine it started to rumble and she slipped causing a broom to jam up into her insides (vagina) and from this day no one knows what happened to that broom stick girl
by Dylowned September 10, 2005
13 22