any place that has mostly all grenades or landmines, and no good looking girls.
damn,dutch fork has grenades.
yeah, its a war zone over there!
by dfsgotgrenades November 07, 2010
Top Definition
A party, bar or club or other venue which contains an exceptionally large number of grenades and/or landmines.
Damn dude, that frat party last night was a total warzone.
by brose91 September 26, 2010
noun- A noun used to describe a sexual act between a man and a woman when the woman partner preforms a tea-bag (see: tea-bag) on the male partner while he releases his bowels and tinkles on her face all at the same time.
(his balls resemble bombs, he's dropping bombs in the toilet, and his dick is goin' off like a gun in her face=very vulgar and disgusting, but hence the name War Zone)
"you gave your wife a War Zone?"
by Chris Belltrothe November 23, 2006
After engaging in intercourse with a woman, a man turns on the light to discover the woman has menstruated all over him.
Man: "Why didn't you tell me you were on your period?"

Woman: "Lol! You look like a warzone!"
by cohiba_man July 01, 2011
a young boy with a pump.
g0t pump? dave does!
by tommah! August 02, 2003
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