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sexiest man alive, freak of nature 5 dollar foot long runs deep in your jungle of love.
What girls say when they cum. and its good and their thinking of Wardrop and not you. cause your just a number.. a nerd that got lucky that some girl was drunk and lost her glasses.

Now go play more video games marshmallow boy.
by whydoyouaskmethinsallthetime November 20, 2010
A stupid person or noob at a computer game, that tries to be a wizard/ mage. Also a very lame person.
Man1: Look over there!
Man2: LOL, that wardrop!

Mageman: what?!?!?
by magpies_are_THEWAYOFTHEFUTURE! February 11, 2006
The act of stealing food to satisfy one's hunger. Usually when travelling and living on the streets.
Yo man, I HAVE to eat today. Let's fuckin' wardrop that safeway.
by marianne99 September 06, 2008
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