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a member of a Wardrobe Dept..
i will be stalked by groupies and cheap acquaintances wanting passes and free tickets,
my Production Manager is always an asshole.
i see crazy shit in dressing rooms and backstages.
if i tell anyone i will be fired.
i am frequently asked to find drugs, hide drugs, and do times making my job very hazardous :P
i will have a myriad of objects thrown at me and will exact revenge by putting itching powder in the crotches and armits of their gear.
i will recieve an extra large crew shirt, most likely in Canary Yellow or Babyshit Green, as a reward for my suffering.
i am but a Wardrobitch.
i will never see the show.
thousands of people see if i screw up

or else, will never know.
by Mia M.M. February 02, 2011

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