1.When a guy gets his penis caught in the fly zipper of his pants and has to be rushed to an emergency room in order to have his pants removed surgically.
Ben Stiller scene in the movie, “There is Something About Mary”
by Dr. Sardonicus April 03, 2004
1. When a guy gets his dick caught in the zipper of his pants.

2. When a guy gets caught masturbating at a movie theater.
1. "There is something about Mary" (The Movie)

2. Ask Peewee Herman
by Dr. Sardonicus March 21, 2004
(n.) (i) The name given to the dominant gene responsible for a chav's unfortunate selection of apparel.

(ii) The almost inevitable outcome of trying to assemble flatpack furniture from such wonderful people as IKEA due to missing/wrong screws/instructions, etc.
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrggggggghhhhhhhhh!!!! I don't believe it! Not again! This happens every bloody time, etc., etc.
by el revez May 13, 2004
Actually, a shortened version of WMD, slightly altered and presented as art. Wardrobe malfunction-noun: something that does not exist, in this case clothing that has been previously removed.
Ron Jeremy on the set.
by Leo February 07, 2004
A euphemism for tearing clothes off another person's body. Infamously used by Justin Timberlake during a super bowl halftime show where he tore the clothes of Janet Jackson.
Justin Timberlake intentionally caused a wardrobe malfunction.
by kryo June 22, 2004
A good reason to buy TiVo.
Hit the 5 second rewind button!! Her name ain't baby, it's Janet, and things just got nasty.
by Natasha Foxx April 12, 2004
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