It appears that this word was coined in the US to refer to Janet Jackson's breast falling out. The UK version would be when Judy Finnegan's breast fell out at the BAFTAS
Why did American people make such a fuss about Janet Jackson's accident? When Judy Finnegan had a wardrobe malfunction, the Brits were just mildly amused.
by moomin21 August 23, 2004
When the hinges of the door of your garment storage device have rusted and it fails to open correctly.
I can't come in to work today, I have a wardrobe malfunction and can't get to my clothes. Honest.
by sp0rkius February 29, 2004
Justin Timberlake's flimsy fucking excuse for exposing Janet Jackson's tit at the February 1, 2004 Super Bowl. It has now come to mean any occasion in which someone is "accidentally" indecently exposed.
I forgot to wear underwear yesterday and had a little wardrobe malfunction in the hallway.
by GuidoPosse69 February 20, 2005
An excuse to show off one's newly acquired nipple piercing.
During the Superbowl, Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson staged a wardrobe malfunction to promote the latest fashion trend for young women.
by Amanda September 11, 2004
A good reason to buy TiVo.
Hit the 5 second rewind button!! Her name ain't baby, it's Janet, and things just got nasty.
by Natasha Foxx April 12, 2004
Pronunciation: in'deesunt ik'spowzhur
Super Bowl halftimes should be used for analysis.
by Simon Says Go Fuck Yourself February 17, 2004
A weak term concocted to explain a blaitent publicity stunt.
Cloths don't malfunction, machines and really stupid people malfunction.
by Canadamus_Prime September 07, 2004

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