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A person who constantly fails to achieve the intended humour with the jokes that they tell. The humourless joke itself may also be defined a 'warandeep,' with the term particularly used for long-winded jokes that initially promise much but ultimately offer very little in the way of banter.
Person 1: Girls are more complex than the Hadron Collider.
Person 2: You're such a warandeep.
by abcd_1234 May 26, 2010
A person who comments on nearly everything they hear with an incredibly unfunny and often irrelevant comment. The word is also synonymous with Jad or Jadams.
Person 1: "Can't wait for the banter we have in Zante!"

Person 2: "Don't you mean, ZANTER!"

Person 1: "You utter Warandeep..."
by I am the LaLiLuLeLo June 06, 2010
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