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The act of One-Upping somebody.
Oh man, you had a good story but Brenden totally wappled you.
by Angry-Dragon March 25, 2011
The short walk to the food court to buy an apple.
Oh man, look at the time. I can't believe I've been sitting at my desk all day. Time to go for my wapple break. Maybe I'll take Basto with me.

"A wapple a day keeps the doctor away".
by the real BlackScorpion April 13, 2011
A common nickname for Apple computers used by whiny, spoonfed Mac fascists.
Shut up and get back to your wapple.

My PC just crashed, but I'll take my crashing PC over your POS wapple any day.
by bob mcbobberino March 04, 2008
a person who eats anything that comes out of his or her body.
Logan: I eat every thing that comes out of my body.
Torey: you are such a wapple.
by torra borra May 18, 2004
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