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On January 31 2011 Imdb user willbraham 87 misspelled Bruce Wayne as Bruce Wanre. The title of the thread in which the mistake took place read: Batman Begins: do you think Selena will discover that Batman and Wanre are one? Later, the 'Batman Begins' portion of the title was modified to 'Wanre Begins' to commemorate the beginning, the foundations of the Wanre phenomenon. Wanre has now grown to mythical proportions; it is a word with a myriad meanings, bringing happiness to millions of people around the globe who have come to embrace the greatness, the sheer joy of partaking in Wanre. Wanre is inexplicable, Wanre is eluse, Wanre is all knowing and all inclusive. Wanre is anything and everything all at once. Some have called it God, the Messiah, Yahweh, Allah but none were aware of its true name till that fateful day, January 31, 2011. It is Wanre. Long Live Wanre.
Person 1: I see no meaning to life. I think I'm going to kill myself.

Person 2: Let me just say this: Wanre.

Person 1: By God, how did you do it? My life has just acquired meaning. Wanre, from now on it will be my guiding principle in life.

Person 1: What the Wanre did you do? You fucked my wife.
Person 2: Wanre told me to.

Person 1: Well, in that case, it is okay.
by blunic3 February 04, 2011
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