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the black guys at school who think that just because they're black means that they're gangstas. annoy everyone, either black or white. usually listen to tupac and wear chains. go on about their "Crew" and who they shagged last night.

What a Wannabe G is all shite. don't believe a word of it.
Guy 1.Hey man whats up? Just went down to Gizzies, grabbed some munchies and got cheesered out of me tits on skunk...

Guy 2.Don't talk shite! I can always tell when you're lying!

Guy 1.How?

Guy 2. Your lips move. Face it, you've got Wannabe G written all over you.

Guy 1.Is it really that obvious?

Guy 2.(walks away)
by Biafra J July 11, 2004
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