This is for someone who has really weak ankles. this can also be used as a nick name for someone who has wankles.
look there goes wankles.
why do you call him wankles?

because he has weak ankles. DUH!
by S-Cubed May 29, 2010
similar to cankles but refers to older ladies who also have wrinkled tights around their ankles.
Oh dear, I wish Grandma would pull her tights up, she has terrible wankles.
by EyesOfRuby April 21, 2009
Excessively large and fatty wrists; cankles of the wrists.
Jared from Subway may have had wankles prior to his celebrity.
by Brand Neu August 10, 2009
A term used to describe one who waxes his/her ankles.
James: Hey andy, have you waxed your ankles? They certainly do look rather bare today.
Andy: No, they just look like that, it must be a rare condition or something. Maybe it's because my legs are always crossed in a funny way.
Sally: Sounds like wankles to me.
Dan: Yeah wankles.
by MilkmanMilkman May 02, 2007
Hairless ankles. A contraction of 'waxed ankles', thus usually used when you suspect someone of waxing their ankles.
"I made shoes from paper sellotaped to my feet, but when I took them off I ended up with wankles."
by Rivet Swan Legs May 02, 2007
Walker's clearly-evident thankles.
Hi my name is Walker and I have Wankles.
by Lankles (1 and 2) November 08, 2004

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