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A name for someone who just jumps about cutting shapes like a dafty
Person 1 - "See that Ruridhboi, he just pure annoys me"
Person 2 - " Aye man, he's such a wankfuck"
by robbobobbo March 18, 2011
The act of putting your fist inside a fat bitch's fat cunt while fucking it.
Guy 1: "Dude how bout you go fuck your mother..."
Guy 2: "Nah, I'm not in the mood for a wankfuck yo."

by dtothaptothax January 26, 2009
A term used in video gaming to exclaim annoyance at yourself or the character in the game.
Missed a penalty shot on a footie game,.. "What a Wankfuck"..
by coldmansteve September 16, 2005

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