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A fairly crude way of describing " sexual intercourse" popularized in song by rock musician Ted Nugent in the early 1980's
"I took Beth to the prom and afterwards we did the Wango Tango"
by Donna K. March 27, 2003
it's oral sex on a woman. In the song he describes it, "you get her right ankle out, you get her left ankle out, you get her belly propped down, you get her butt propped up"
Last night when I was with Becky I did the Wango Tango and she loved it
by nafloot July 21, 2005
A better way of saying "dry-humping"

wango-tango full-throttle is the next step above, sex
Do you wango-tango? No, I wango-tango full-throttle!
by Carlisle Holliday February 20, 2011
running up to someone and giving them a random wedgie
ahh! gracie just gave her a wango tango!
by MsNewBooty85 August 01, 2008
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