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To text while you walk, esp. to be simultaneously clueless of the surroundings.
Jimmy was walxting in the hallway yesterday and didn't realize that he was about to smash into an open locker.
by abstract loco April 06, 2013
When a person decides to text while walking to their next class, resulting in an obscenely slow paced walk, which, in turn, Jams up the hallway and makes everyone behind them late to class.

Teacher- Ok Phil, why are you late AGAIN?

Phil- I swear, its not my fault, I was stuck behind a Walxter

teacher- alright, you're off the hook for now...Just next time, try not to walk behind anyone who is walxting
by Jesus-Fishboy January 07, 2009
Texting whilst walking.
'How did Ron get that bump on his forehead?'
'He was walxting the other day and walxted right into a pole.'
by Beaugey July 01, 2015
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