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A long, tall, handsome guy with black overalls, a purple shirt, and a yellow upside-down L in a white circle on his purple hat. He has a pinkish nose and pointy ears. He also has blue lines under both of his eyes. He has a long, thin, black mustache, and brown hair. Brother to Wario and childhood friend of Luigi. However, Luigi picked on him, so he became evil, pretty much like the Mario/Wario story. He appears in most multiplayer games starting from Mario Tennis 64, but also appears in Game & Watch Gallery 4. He likes Bob-Ombs and Piranha Plants, and has his own island. He and Wario are constantly trying different ways to get rich.
That guy in Mario Kart: Double Dash!! with the "Weheheh" laugh.
by Drake December 24, 2003
A deep, thoughtful, sensitive man with a mustache.
Hey! You might be getting better, but nobody cheats better than Waluigi! You got that?!
by Fony finga FONG October 06, 2013
wario's brother that needs more attention then luigi
Waluigi: ima sick of everyone dislikin mah bro
why dont i have any game title out there yet?
luigi needs to die
by a person that likes the Wbros April 13, 2010
A second rate dark incarnation of the second rate character, Luigi, who is the black sheep brother of Mario. He must really suck. He wears a purple hat and shirt with black overalls. He enjoys doing the crotch chop and dancing in a retarded way and giggling like a psycho in character selection.
Mario Strikers Charged: Waluigi's crotch chop catchphrase: WA-LU-II-GI YEAH YEAH YEAH!!
by Melinabitch September 12, 2007
A guy who mumbles when he talks.

I cant understand the words that came out from his mouth, he needs to stop waluiging.
by mOstwanted June 06, 2005