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Doing absolutly nothing while at work without getting in any trouble for it and still getting paid for your "hard work".
person 1: "Man I still have 2 hours left to my shift and everything is done

person 2: "Try waltering for a little while"

person 1: "Yea! I usually do so much real work I completely forgot about waltering!"
by ERyan October 20, 2008
Any act emulating the actions of Walter White; ie walking around in your underwear, making a number on your eggs out of bacon, or being a mastermind out of nowhere. (hopefully minus the actions of killing people and selling meth.)

Other versions: walter
Dude 1: I'm just waltering around the house today.

Dude 2: Yeah I got class today so I can't walter till I get home.
by Fun Sized 18 October 04, 2013

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