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A non-linear, non-command line, non-computer based interface is perfect for datasets where n > 50 billion.
Oh hey! Did you use R to run that regression?

No, no...I used WalrusFace.
by gradhell October 29, 2013
The dirty older cousin of the camel toe; the walrus face (aka walrus muzzle is an exaggerated outline of the female urogenital region in tight garments due to the fact that the woman is extremely obese. This has been previously referred to as the front butt or foopah, however, a walrus face refers to the phenomenon that when extremely fat women wear spandex/lycra like clothing, this area appears similar to that of, you guessed it, a walruses face (sans the tusks). The walrus face is most typically observed in females of lower socio-economic status.
Dude, did you see that fat chick's walrus face in those spandex shorts at Six Flags yesterday?
by Fat Girl Hunter January 14, 2010
When a dude sits on a girl's face and rests his balls on her upper lip
I gave my girlfriend a walrus face last night.
by HottmessExpress September 24, 2015
Most commonly used 'emoticon' by kash monay. It is represented by a colon " : " and a " 3 " ... hence, = :3. This emoticon can be used for various interpretations, but all with the same purpose -to make a certain delivery boy smile :)
Did you see that hose bee who likes the walrus face?
-No, why?
...he's such an amazing snorlax! :3
by Kash monay ;3 April 16, 2012
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