People that drive in Waldorf Maryland that constantly rear end drivers while driving on route 301, because of rubber necking at the new restaurant construction.
Look at the walnuts standing in traffic with their hoods crumpled up, once again, causing all the traffic congestion.

"Look over there honey, I didn't know we were getting a Chipotle here, WHAM !!!! HORN SOUNDS AND AIRBAG DEPLOYS
by Paul Li February 10, 2007
A term used to describe an ejaculation so powerful it has the velocity to hit the wall
Guy 1: How was last night?
Guy 2: So good bro, Handy Mandy gave me the walnut of a lifetime
by Dizzy54 July 21, 2015
A walnut is someone who hasn't been cracked open to reality. Someone really innocent or naive.
"That bitch José is such a walnut! He doesn't even know what a lemon party is!"
by Pseudonyms 6969 March 20, 2016
some fucking ass nerd who doesnt know how to dress

generally seen dropping their books on the floor and pushing their glasses up the bridge of their noses
"Man, I just saw your sixth grade picture, did you only wear turtlenecks?"

"Yeah, I was such a walnut."
by **@*#&*(#& January 31, 2008
A sexual position in which you place the womans legs together which appears to make a walnut.
I placed her legs together and cracked the walnut.
by Anonymous February 18, 2003
A Walnut is a term used to mean an absolutely stunning girl reputed to be great in bed. A Walnut is usually spotted by her fantastic looks and long flowing hair.
"Wow! Did you see her?"
"Yes I had her last night! Definitely a Walnut!"
by Joe Ginge January 12, 2009
The buldge in a woman's pants. Often seen when a unshaven woman wears a bathing suit.
person one: "That girl looks good in a Bikini"
person two: "yeah, but did you see her walnut?"
by mthomas1776 October 11, 2007
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