(Wal-nut) Pronounced: "Wall" and "nut"
A term widely known for Marijuana. Those who use it are on the rather cooler side than the other Pecs (Pecans.) The term "Walnut" originates in the upper east side. Some refer to it as God, but others call it Whoopi Goldberg. One that takes part in such activities may be referred to as a "Nut." When one consumes Walnut, they often becomes "Nuts."
"Damn. I gotta get me some Walnut, so I can go nuts later, Nut."
by SAMFRANCANDLEEBAKE November 17, 2011
When a female has a gigantic clitoris, and the hood is massive. The hood covering the clitoris is called a walnut.
"Hey bitch! I saw you shaking that ass the other day, and I could see your walnut through your pants."
by Rigglediggle February 06, 2009
When your nuts are a little sweaty so they stick to the side of your leg. The pre-cursor to itchy nuts.
"Dude, it's so hot in here I got the worst walnuts."
by Jawn May 29, 2005
A pair of testicles placed flush against a vertical plane.
I want to ask you one question. If I had some nuts, hanging on the wall, what would I have honey? I said, "Darlin, you'd have some walnuts!"
by deeznuts19903 September 30, 2009
swimming term: used for when a male dives off the blocks and his tail end coems down too late, making his nuts hit the water with such force that it makes a smashing sound
guy: Damn man, that was one nasty walnut you did there
other guy: yeah man, I can feel it
by Zach December 14, 2004
Slang for prostrate. The male G spot which when pushed will result in male ejaculation
I blew my load when she thumbed my walnut
by Veronica Moser January 08, 2007
John McCain. So named because he looks like he's storing walnuts in his oddly distended cheeks and jowls.
I saw walnuts on the TV today, looking like some kind of malformed barnacle.
by w1nt3rmut3 September 26, 2008
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