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1) The leader of the group "The Digital Dawg Pound". The Group consists of international hackers from all backgrounds and talents. They publish a magazine and have streaming radio shows.

Stankdawg also goes by "stank", "stankdiggy", or just "dawg".
"Where the hell is stank!?!? We need to tape replace with any of our radio shows"
by w1nt3rmut3 December 01, 2003
John McCain. So named because he looks like he's storing walnuts in his oddly distended cheeks and jowls.
I saw walnuts on the TV today, looking like some kind of malformed barnacle.
by w1nt3rmut3 September 26, 2008
In short, the anus. The asshole. The puckered lips of one's inner booty.
"Hemorrhoids make me feel as though bees are stinging me on my gentleness"
by w1nt3rmut3 August 24, 2004
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