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When you're on someone's Facebook page holding a conversation with with a totally different person than the owner of the Facebook page....and the owner of the page is nowhere in sight.
We've been commenting on "so & so's" Facebook wall for so long & he's not even here!!!!!!! We are Wallbanging!
by MeowMeows September 01, 2010
When you post 4 or more random video links to someones page, and you attach random gay comments to the posts.
I was Wallbanging someone last night. I posted four Cher music videos to his wall, and attached inappropriate comments to each.
by TheFunnyMan9113 November 22, 2010
wall banging is a sex act where you knock your partner against the wall violently.
dont ever do wall banging it just aint right
by Hawn Gnarley July 03, 2014
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