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1. A web based search engine that uses patented matching and learning intelligence technologies to find exact matches to the web pages and information that is relevant and specific to a user's search.

2. Wallabang marketing and advertising company builds and publishes add for all businesses across the globe.


1. To search Internets and Extranets using "Web 3.0" technologies for specific information using the Wallabang search engine.
"He walla'd the service he had needed to finish his new deck project."

"My business is connected with the world using Wallabang."

"Wallabang helps to drive our business sales to the next level."

"She Wallabanged the marketing ads and found they had achieved an incremental revenue growth of 150% year over year."
by Wallabang October 14, 2008
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V: To have sex to such a vigorous extent, that you find yourself either humping against a wall, or being humped against a wall.
Johnny and Kaitlyn did some wallabanging last weekend. I could hear it from down the street.
by Alex December 05, 2003
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