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To be unknowingly roped into a position of responsibility for and indefinite period of time.
Oh man, why did I just agree to a graveyard shift?
You've just been walkered.

I was going to get off my face but I got walkered into being a safety officer.

Turns out I'm competent at my job, so I got walkered.
by Risk taking March 17, 2010
To be belligerently drunk to the point where one is unable to keep their balance or walk. Entering the state of "walkered" can be the result of over consumption of alcohol but most likely due to the consumption of three Black Fly Coolers.
"Man, Alex was so walkered last night that we had to carry her back to her room!"
"Yo! Lets get super walkered tonight after our exam!"
by Mayor of Turnt City January 28, 2014
To walker something is to not finish a drink or food item.
that man walkered his beer last night.
by yuuzhan624 November 25, 2009
New term for defeat due to association with Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin.
Jeff Stone got Walkered tonight in Milwaukee. He lost the race for County Exec.
by pseudo-smartass April 05, 2011
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