If you fit 8 or more of the following, you are a waldorfian. What's a waldorfian?...
a person who:
lives in or around Waldorf, Maryland.
wears nike air max goadomes aka NIKEBOOTS (jim jones got em on when he puts his feet up on the desk in the Wefly high video. Fat Joe and other NY niggas wear em too).
cuts the edge of their jeans.
wears new balance 992s laced 3 holes (4 max).
wears a north face.
listens to Go-Go heavily, and cant stop, like heroine.
claims DC or PG as much as they can.
beets they feet to all kinds of music.
is not proud of where they live.
dresses like a skater/"white boy".
wears vans because of the song.
buys a yamaha because little wayne has one.
gets tattoos that little wayne has.
wants to be little wayne.
wears fake bape purchased at the local market or took a trip to georgetown.
is a hardcore swagger jacker.
thinks that fly is notmatching (girls).
buys tickets to high school football games to hang out on the fence.
returns to their former high school after they've graduated to pick up 16 yr old girls, because college girls are too hard to get.
copies all of their words and style and actions from DC niggas.
wear thermals because jim jones has one.
start little mini gangs and beat up other mini gangs.
smokes green in school and doesn't get caught.
hangs out at the st. chuck mall.
hates white people.
wants a caprice or impala ss but cant tell the difference.
steals from upperclass white people stores.
gets kicked out of the mall for being black.
goes to as many gogos they can just to start a wreck.
tries to be fly as shyt.
goes to school just for the bitches.
lives with their mother at age 26, dates a high school girl, and is apparently, on his "Grown Man Shit".
is not quite old enough to drive, but is also on his Grown Man Shyt because he was hired by Wendy's.
has glow in the dark neon hair (girls).
thinks she's a hunnie just because she hangs with a crew (girls).
starts a gogo band out of nowhere..very few of them are good.
makes a myspace account just to hate on some other people (girls).

...list goes on forever..

but its ok to be a waldorfian..it aint where you from its where you at..as Rakim said.
and if you from waldorf you obviously go hard..
Waldorf stand up.
But don't look at me, i'm from kansas.
***lil waynes new video shows him with no more hair***
johnny, billy, and mikey, davey, larry, stevie, Big Q, lil bud, T-top, AJ, Murk, and Trina, formerly Chronically Rude And Niggerish Killas Band all go shave their dreads and twists off because lil wayne did it.
------------------ ------ ------------------
by Brian Fantana November 12, 2006
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one who wears birkenstocks and tye-dyed articles of clothing.

one's body may be occasionaly laced with hemp braids.

one who thinks crystals are healing.

one who won't go near a microwave for fear of radiation.

one who thinks takoma park is normal.

one who only consumes natural foods for no reason.
takoma park is really waldorfian
by a lifer who would know! February 26, 2003
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waldorfians eat tofu and are hippie smoking eurythmy dancers.

Waldorfians see colorful rainbows when in a state of highness.

The waldorfian species is primarily found meditating in a cult in Takoma Park.
by wall-dorf-ian February 26, 2003
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waldorfian, a loser person who luvs eurythmy and eats grass n tofu. they wear organic clothing and hemp materials. the waldorfian eurythmy teachers suck, smell like dead squirrel. the students or classmates of a waldorfian r usually really kool, like me.
sara eats hemp bars as she dances about the sun in her eurythmy slippers... waldorf kicks ass home dawgs! YA!
by A Dawg from class of 08' December 19, 2003
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A resident of Waldorf, Maryland typically coined by other Waldorf residents who happen to hate Waldorf and make fun of those who never leave the damn town.
"All the waldorfians never leave this town even though its only 25 minutes from Washington DC 7 Old Town Alexandria, VA, 45 minutes from Baltimore and 1.5 hours from Richmond!"

"Lets go to Denny's up on 301 and hang out with all the waldorfians"

In Waldorf MD, waldorfians call the popular clothing store "Up against The Wall" in the mall, "Up Against The Waldorf"

They also call Walmart, Up Against The Walmart... friggin waldorfians.
by Rich January 17, 2004
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a child from waldorf maryland an adult would be a waldorkian.
by m*ke March 10, 2003
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my friend smoked 2 much pot and failed school, he now goes 2 waldorf. its were u go wen u cant get in2 any other private school.hes junior and hatesit there, but i still smoke up w/ him eveyr weekend
i go 2 waldorf. im a hippie.
by FwhitemanM March 01, 2005
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