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A place where they won't let kids buy Halo, but selling shotguns to every redneck who hobbles in there is perfectly moral and acceptable.
Wal-Mart Employee: Sorry son, This here rule book says I can't sell ya this here TV-game thingy, but how 'bout I show you our fine selection of shotty-guns?
by Gizwidget April 15, 2007
64 35
A dumb-ass store where people go to get cheap shit for more than it's worth. Usually, ghetto-dwellers and rednecks come for the super-clearance specials.
Wal-Mart: Pure cheap evil.
by insanelinkinparkchick December 18, 2004
57 28
A Holt Renfrew for the poor.
Paris Hilton: "Daddy, what's a Wal-mart?"

Mr. Hilton: "It's like a Holt Renfrew for the poor."
by G-dog January 16, 2004
54 25
WAL-MART {Wall-mart}

The only time you get a happy greeting before you enter hell
Welcome to WAL-MART!
by ibidwell October 17, 2008
35 7
The Microsoft of the department store industry. It's THE place to go shopping if you are the type who lives in a trailer or the ghetto.
And the trailer trash and ghetto folks from all over America all lined up in front of Wal Mart, dressed in their best clothes, ready to buy everything that's on sale there.
by AYB February 17, 2003
72 44
The place where missing individuals/kidnapping victims are last seen. A good place to "go missing".
The missing teenager was last seen on Walmart surveillance video.
by wolfbait51 January 26, 2011
55 28
1. A monument to capitalism DO NOT GO THERE COMRADS it will kill you it lives on to bring down the working class
2. symbol of the US (reason why everyone hates us)
3. My favorite hangout
1. I hate Walmart
2. I hate Walmart very much
3. I hate Walmart a lpt
by Greatredbird April 18, 2006
62 35